The RIGHT to food.


Feeding Albania has recently initiated the Save Food Albania Network, a partnership of local and community organisations that are working together for the recovery and the redirection of excess food to the families in need. Currently, there are about 25 organisations that receive and redistribute food.

Who we are

A food banking system of NGOs and businesses working together for redistributing food products donated to people in need across the country.

The mission of this network is simple: Recover and Redirect donated food to communities and people in need in Albania. This community not only feeds, it also fights food waste, thus avoiding harmful GHG gases from entering the atmosphere.

While NGOs, often times conduct food banking activities on their own, Save Food Albania, actually brings together a number of NGOs that are willing to share their resources and people in order to have food recovered, rotated among them and ultimately be saved for human consumption. We believe that it is through sharing and caring that we must go forward. We believe that it is possible to actually feed many people through the good will and the involvement of people, government, businesses and civil society.


Established and in our 3rd year of operations.


Tons of food distributed directly or indirectly from Feeding Albania to date.


Distributing partner organizations in our network.


Equivalent of 50,000 meals distributed to date.


Food package distribution to the needy.

Saving Food

Saving food in larger quantities from business partners.

Networking & Resourcing

Share resources, share values and share food between the partnering NGOs.

Save Food Network


There is MUCH FOOD that can be recovered in Albania. Many businesses would rather donate their food to those that need it than throw it away and have all that food get lost. On the other side, there are many people that need that food but who don’t have access to it.

Food Surplus Distribution

Rescuing and redistributing food surpluses from companies, businesses, producers and manufacturers of various food products, including:


Helping Communities
Across Albania

One of our main goals is to help communities in various ways besides standard food distribution. Through developed projects, which allow sustainability by the local community, we strive to ensure community involvement from all ages in many aspects of our activities.

About Us

The Save Food Albania Network is a programme implemented from the
Feeding Albania Foundation

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