About Us

About Us

Save Food Albania Network

There is MUCH FOOD that can be recovered in Albania. Many businesses would rather donate their food to those that need it than throw it away and have all that food get lost. On the other side, there are many people that need that food but who don’t have access to it.

Feeding Albania has recently initiated the Save Food Albania Network, a partnership of local and community organisations that are working together for the recovery of the excess food and redirection of it to the families in need. Currently, there are about 25 organisations that receive and redistribute food.


The mission of this network is simple: Recover and Redirect donated food to communities and people in need in Albania.

Bringing Us Together

While NGOs, often times conduct food banking activities on their own, Save Food Albania, actually brings together a number of NGOs that are willing to share their resources and people in order to have food recovered, rotated among them and ultimately be saved for human consumption.

Sharing is Caring

We believe that it is through sharing and caring that we must go forward. We believe that it is possible to actually feed many people through the good will and the involvement of people, government, businesses and civil society.

"Rrjeti Save Food Albania është një rrjet për rekuperimin dhe ridrejtimin e Tepricave Ushqimore tek familjet në nevojë. Aktualisht ky grup ka rreth 25 organizata dhe institucione pjesëmarrës të cilët marrin ushqimin sipas një skeduli në bazë të dhurimeve të ushqimeve nga dhurues dhe subjekte të ndryshëm. Rrjeti drejtohet nga Fondacioni Feeding Albania."