Food Distribution

Recovering Surplus Food

How We Recover & Distribute Food

Producers, Businesses & Distributors

Donations of food are received from all categories of businesses. The variety of NGOs allows for all different kinds of food distributions.

Food Recovery avoiding
Food Waste

When surpluses of food cannot be sold, they are often times donated to us before usage dates. These include drinks, sealed produce which is quickly distributed and consumed.

Storage and Redistribution
to the Needy

We deliver food through the synergy of our networking organizations working together. They provide people, tools, vehicles and premises for the logistics of the deliver.

Bread & Fresh Food

Some of our food distributions include bakery,
bread, fresh and purchased food

Boxed Food Packages

Most of our food distributions are boxed packages of main food products such as rice, beans and pasta.

Soup Kitchen Needs

We provide food and ingredients to soup kitchens as well. These could be tomato sauce, pasta, salt, etc.